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  • to establish policies for the behavior of, and accountability for, minor children when using the thomas library. (for the purposes of this policy, children are defined as those members of the community, under the age of eighteen, who are not enrolled as undergraduates, high school scholars, or upward bound students.)
  • to preserve a quiet library atmosphere conducive to learning and study appropriate for the use of wittenberg students, faculty, and staff.


  • the thomas library wishes to be a resource, not only for wittenberg-affiliated patrons, but also to be a community-friendly facility welcoming and encouraging people of all ages to take advantage of the services we offer.
  • the library director is authorized to implement procedures consistent with this policy and to direct library staff and university security to administer the procedures.


  • it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to be accountable for the child's behavior when using thomas library.
  • children who wish to use the library, unaccompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or designated adult, must apply for a registration card signed by both the child and parent. both the parent and child must be present in the library to apply for a registration card. a registration card will then be issued to the child, who will be asked to present the card to the library staff when using the library. any child, under the age of eighteen, with the exceptions listed above, who does not have a registration card, may not use thomas library. the registration card may not be used to check out library books.
  • express computers may only be used for a half hour at a time. permission for extended use may be granted by the library director or his/her library staff representative. priority use of all library computers is granted to wittenberg affiliated users. both of these policies will be strictly enforced.
  • children must exhibit appropriate library behavior (for example, no running, loud play, fighting, etc.)

consequences of not following the prescribed guidelines of the thomas library unattended minors policies:

  • children will be asked to leave the library.
  • any child, accompanied or unaccompanied by an adult, will be asked to leave the library if he or she demonstrates disruptive, disorderly, or inappropriate behavior as set forth by the guidelines listed above or by the determination of library staff on duty.

belligerent behavior toward library staff and/or refusal to leave the library will result in campus security being notified and the possibility of a child losing his or her library privileges. after three violations of library policies registration will be revoked for the period of one year.

inquire at the circulation desk in thomas library to learn more about applying for a registration card. 937-327-7515 or email

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