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the thomas library provides quiet areas for group study. the library has six rooms designated as group study rooms. the rooms may only be used by groups of two or more people for the purpose of study and academic pursuits. because the rooms are of varying sizes, your small group may be asked to occupy a smaller study room in order to leave the larger rooms open for larger groups.

all rooms are equipped with white boards. markers and erasers for use on the white boards may be checked out at the circulation desk.

study room policies

  1. reservations are required for use of the group study rooms. reservations must be made in person by contacting a library staff member or student manager at the circulation desk or the student manager desk.
  2. study rooms may be reserved for two hours at a time. if, after the two hour period, the group wishes to use the room longer, whoever signed out the room, must inquire at the circulation desk as to whether anyone else has requested the room for the next two hour block of time. if not, the group may reserve the room for the next two hour period.
  3. study room occupants must adhere to all standard library policies. alcohol and tobacco are not permitted in the library. food and beverages are allowed, with the exception of messy or greasy foods. see the food and drink policy page for more details. those using the room must dispose of any trash in the proper trash receptacles.
  4. groups conducting very loud discussions may be asked to lower their voices for the sake of other students studying in the area.
  5. the study room must be occupied by the group who reserved the room. if the group vacates the room during their reserved time, they must take all personal belongings with them. the library will not be responsible for the loss of any personal property left unattended in a study room.
  6. library staff members and student managers are authorized to enforce the group study room policies. anyone displaying rude or disrespectful behavior toward library employees, or anyone unwilling to follow posted study room policies, will be asked to leave the study room and may forfeit future use of the room.
  7. special permission may be granted by the director for use of the group study rooms by non-wittenberg affiliated patrons.

revised: january 2012

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