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  1. beverages may be consumed in most areas of the library. sturdy covered containers are preferred.
  2. snack food such as candy bars, chips, and nuts are allowed in most library areas. somewhat more substantial food such as yogurt, muffins, or cold sandwiches may also be eaten in most areas of the library.
  3. food and beverages are not permitted in special collections, the av theatre or near av equipment.
  4. for classes meeting in the library, the teacher reserves the right to ban all food and drink during class.
  5. hot carryout food and other greasy, drippy, aromatic foods may not be brought into or consumed in the library.
  6. alcohol and tobacco are not allowed anywhere in the library.

this policy is enforced in accordance with university policies and social regulations. your compliance helps keep undesirable species out of the library and preserves our collections and hardware.


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