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assignment periods

study rooms will be assigned afresh for each of three periods: fall semester, spring semester, and summer. individuals must reapply for continued use of study rooms.

study rooms are accessible only when the library is open.

assignment criteria

degree of need (to be justified on the application form (downloadable pdf format or electronic application) is the primary factor considered when assigning rooms. when degree of need appears comparable among applications, the following general priorities apply:

  1. new tenure-track abd faculty. (chairs are encouraged to apply on their behalf.)
  2. other new faculty.
  3. faculty on sabbatical.
  4. faculty who have not had a room in recent years.
  5. first-come, first-served.

application deadline and notification

applications for the upcoming period must be received by the thomas library director by monday of the last week of classes of the current period. all applicants will be notified by friday of the last week of classes.


keys for new room assignments may be picked up at the library. this may be done during the break preceding each period, though it's best to call ahead to arrange this.

unless the occupant is granted permission to remain in the room for the following period, keys should be returned to the library by the last day of final exams.

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